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Pain First🚴‍♂️👇

I stop hearing fans and trains after being around them for a time. I stop noticing low-light lamps when they have been on for a while. Similarly, I can stop recognizing simple truths in the same way! Remarkably, these ambient realities are sometimes surfaced while in a temporary context. For instance, my son got blisters while riding his bike recently.

He was riding more aggressive trails than he had in the past, and his hands paid the price. I explained that they would heal, and afterward, they would be less likely to blister next time. We then talked about his other love, soccer. We remembered all the times he fought through fatigue, losses, or embarrassment to get just a little better.

We agreed that sometimes pain is physical, and other times it is emotional, but it always comes first! And, just like that, we both benefited from his blisters, pain, and the awareness of an ambient truth.