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The Stuff I Am Reading & Watching This Week ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ›ฅ๐Ÿ‘‡

The following are articles, posts, and publications that I am reading and watching this week. I also blog about the books I have read and the books I am reading.

A Future of Secular Stagnation - Wall Street Journal

”… the White House is essentially conceding that all of its unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus really is living for today with little regard for the future. It implicitly concedes that the growth it spurs now will have to be paid back later in the form of higher taxes or tighter monetary policy, which might reduce growth. This is the definition of a “sugar high.”

This is an interesting opinion piece about an economic term we’ve not regularly discussed since the 1970s: Stagflation.

Beige Book - June 2, 2021 | Federal Reserve System

“It remained difficult for many firms to hire new workers, especially low-wage hourly workers, truck drivers, and skilled tradespeople. The lack of job candidates prevented some firms from increasing output and, less commonly, led some businesses to reduce their hours of operation.”

The Beige Book is the Fed’s consolidation of opinions from community bankers and business owners. It is plain-spoken qualitative data about housing, labor markets, manufacturing, prices, tourism, etc. The Beige Book is the one (Fed) publication (published eight times per year) for everyone, and this one is worth a read!

Just for Fun:

The Anxiety of Influencers - Harper’s Magazine

”… as the pandemic has transformed our homes into offices and our bedrooms into backdrops, as public institutions increasingly fall prey to the mandates of the marketโ€”we’ve become cheerfully indentured to the idea that our worth as individuals isn’t our personal integrity or sense of virtue, but our ability to advertise our relevance on the platforms of multinational tech corporations.”

This was a fantastic read! It discussed everything from influencer culture, to higher education’s marketing failure, to difficult cultural questions on attention and presence.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

“With no human captain or onboard crew, MAS uses the power of AI and automation to traverse the ocean in its quest for data and discovery.”

This project has captured my imagination! With the Mayflower’s launch just days away, I am so excited to follow along as it traverses the Atlantic Ocean!